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Friday 6 January 2023

Sweet Talkin' Guys

First Glasgow on Monday, then Gospel on Wednesday and now Ghana. Our celebrations marking National Words Beginning With G Week reach their climax with an album that I picked up for next to nothing while in Germany (another G!) last month.

"The Kusum Beat" by The Sweet Talks was originally released in Ghana in 1974 and reissued for a global audience by the ever excellent Soundway Records in 2010. You can pick up a digital copy on their Bandcamp site for a mere £4, a bargain if ever there was one. They have got the album title and band name mixed up but never mind.

I have chosen the first and last tracks for you but every one of them is a cracker. The album will have you smiling from start to finish.

"Akampanye" - The Sweet Talks

"Kyekye Pe Aware" - The Sweet Talks

I couldn't find a clip of The Chiffons performing "Sweet Talkin' Guy" - I should really have checked that before choosing the title for this post - so here is a sweet talkin' woman instead.


  1. The last of my bandcamp voucher is going to spent on this

    1. You've rattled through that voucher at a fair old pace

    2. I'm not the only one with a bandcamp wishlist, I suspect. That Kusum Beat album is very very good. A bargain at €3.45 (the amount I had to pay after exhausting the vouocher)

  2. This brightened up my commute no end yesterday. Thanks, Ernie, just the ticket (or should that be (Bandcamp) voucher?)