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Monday 16 January 2023

Three For Free

In my previous post I told a long and rather dull anecdote about how the pricing policies of my local second-hand record shop had led me to buy four CDs I would not have bought otherwise in order to save £1. One of them was the excellent eponymous debut album by Melt Yourself Down. Today we'll take a brisk run through the other three.

We'll start with the only one of the three acts I had previously known about. That is El Khat, a Tel Aviv based band led by Eyal el Wahab, a member of the Yemeni diaspora. I have a couple of tracks from their 2019 album "Saadia Jefferson", and am now the proud owner of last year's "Albat Alawi Op.99" which aims to evoke traditional Yemeni music. You can find it on the Glitterbeat Bandcamp site if you are so inclined.  

Next up is "Piece Of Me", a decent slab of retro-soul by Lady Wray (real name Nicole Wray) that also came out last year. Her Ladyship started her career back in the late 1990s as a protege of Missy Elliott and even had a Top 10 hit in the US in 1998 under the name Nicole.  Time passed and she became one half of a retro-soul duo called Lady and a backing singer for Lee Fields. "Piece Of Me" is her second album as Lady Wray. Also available on Bandcamp, naturally.

Which brings us to "Deadhorse" by buMMer, an album acquired solely because of the title of the track below. Unfortunately as the vocals are just a load of incoherent grunting I am none the wiser as to why they want to bash the Boss in his boy bits.

"La Sama" - El Khat

"Through It All" - Lady Wray

"I Want To Punch Bruce Springsteen In The Dick" - buMMer

Here is Lady Wray with her big smash hit from way back before she was ennobled. Personally I prefer her new old-sounding stuff.


  1. I am really hoping I like the third track you posted today.......

    1. ........but it's a right load of old bobbins. El Khat, though, that is wild!

    2. Yes, buMMer will be going to a new home in a nearby charity shop soon. El Khat is a keeper though, and possibly Lady Wray too.

  2. buMMer is a good description of the experience of listening to them. Funny song title and band name though.