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Friday 29 March 2024

One Careless Owner

A mere 31 years late I finally picked up a copy of John Hiatt's "Perfectly Good Guitar" album in a Belgian charity shop last week.

It turns out I have been a fool to myself. I was previously only familiar with the title track and today's first selection, but the rest of the album maintains the high standard set by those two tunes.

"Perfectly Good Guitar" was the first album Mr Hiatt made after his stint with Little Village, and today's second selection suggests that he picked up a bit of the trademark Nick Lowe bounce in the process.

"Buffalo River Home" - John Hiatt

"The Wreck Of The Barbie Ferrari" - John Hiatt


  1. A very good choice buying this album. I played it often when it was released decades ago and should grab it out from my collection immediatly

  2. Belgian charity shops appear to be in a better state than our native ones...

    1. Only because CC hasn't been on holiday there yet

  3. Those 3 Little Village songs came from a BBC2 Late Show programme 30 years ago - look for anything similar on that channel late at night these days and you'll be sorely disappointed. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. There was a tradition of wonderful alternative leftfield music coverage in that kind of late slot on the BBC but it's been a slow decline and now the philistines have finally got their way

  4. Incidentally I didn't mean my comment to be a Daily Mail type BBC bashing b/c the other terrestrial channels started from a much lower bar and dried up many years earlier