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Monday 11 March 2024

Rodney With An A

Some early 1990s country for you today from the man who perennially tops my personal Top 10 musicians called Radney list, Mr Radney Foster.

Having had a string of country hits in the late 1980s as one half of Foster & Lloyd (a less cool version of Foster & Allen), the Radmeister went solo in 1990. 

His first solo album "Del Rio, TX 1959" - named for his place and year of birth - came out in 1992 and fitted in well with the New Country scene that was all the rage at the time. The likes of Albert Lee, John Hiatt, Kim Richey and Marty Chapin Carpenter all turned up and helped out.

It is a pretty solid album and included two songs that made the Top 10 in the country charts (to date still his only two Top 10 solo hits). These are them.

"Just Call Me Lonesome" - Radney Foster

"Nobody Wins" - Radney Foster

I think this video of Foster & Lloyd explains the reason why they split. Lloyd (without glasses) was clearly developed in a 1980s lab and, unlike Radders who could just cut his hair and remove his red braces, he was unable to be reprogrammed to be usable in the 1990s.


  1. That video demonstrates that Country music was ripe for a revolution which thankfully occured

  2. Because I am very immature and prone to make rash and unfounded decisions I'm afraid I find it hard to to take seriously a man who can't spell his name correctly. I am now, to continue in this juvenile way, going to watch some youtube footage of english maverick footballer Radney Morsh

    1. That first Mr Foster track is not bad at all,

    2. To be fair to Radney I think it is his parents who should be blamed for the spelling. They also saddled him with the middle name Muckleroy,