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Thursday 12 March 2009

China Time

I have a subscription with EMusic and I usually find at the end of each month that I have two or three downloads to spare. So what I like to do is go to the international section and try out a few albums from countries that are under-represented in my collection. Which is how I came to acquire these two Chinese performances.

The first is from Xiang Xiang, who evidently is/was a bit of an Internet sensation in China. The song's title in English is "Summer Insects", taken from her 2005 CD with the catchy title "Song of Pig".

To be honest if that was sung in English I would probably dismiss it as Katie Melua-type pap, but somehow in Mandarin it works for me. Whereas this next one I suspect would sound delightfully bonkers in any language. Here is Hu Songhua, I guess from some time in the 1980s, with "Song of Harvest".

I am not sure what it is - the voice, the drum machine, the plastic horns - but for some reason that reminds me of this:

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