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Tuesday 31 March 2009

Into The Valleys

Here at 27Leggies we had Irish week a couple of weeks back, and assorted Scots pop up reasonably frequently. So in the interests of Celtic equality today’s post comes from the Land of Song itself – Wales.

We start with possibly my favourite Welsh performer – John Cale. Here he is with “I’m Not The Loving Kind” from his 1975 album “Slow Dazzle”. I’m never quite sure listening to it whether it is a glass half full or glass half empty song.

Next up is a Welsh hero, Meic Stevens. He is often described as “the Welsh Dylan”, presumably for no better reason than that he plays the guitar and writes his own songs. I have never detected much stylistic similarity between the two. But he is bloody good, and when he sings in Welsh he is still more comprehensible than Bob is in English. Here’s his big pop hit, “Y Brawd Houdini”.

From the Welsh Dylan we move to the Welsh Elvis. To finish off this mini Eisteddfod, here is a clip of Meic’s brother Shaky with that woman from Skewen. Possibly the most frightening combination to come out of Wales since the Pontypool Front Row (and no hooker jokes please).

Logically next up should be Cornwall but shamefully, despite being part Cornish myself, I don’t think I have any Cornish music in my collection. I may need to dredge up a clip of “The Floral Dance” or something. Watch this space.

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