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Wednesday 11 March 2009

Rastaman Nkhushu

I had intended to post today “Gwyld Y Rasta Gwyn” by Sobin A'r Smaeliad – a Welsh language reggae number which (I assume) tells the tale of a man called Gwyn who has forsaken the chapel for the chalice. I was then going to use that as the starting point for some tightly scripted stream of consciousness about horrifying Welsh/ reggae hybrids – Shakin’ Stevens sings Chaka Demus, Bonnie Tyler* sings Bunny Wailer, the Stereophonics sing anything at all, etc etc. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately from your point of view) it turns out to be in a protected format and I can’t work out how to convert it to mp3, so you will have to manage without. But it is on iTunes if you are really keen.

So instead here is some South African reggae. This is Rastaman Nkhushu – which I’m guessing is not the name his parents gave him – with “Ke LeRasta 4 Life” from 2006.

* Apropos of nothing at all, many years ago I used to work with a Welsh woman who denounced Bonnie Tyler as a slapper simply because she was born and raised in Skewen. Evidently where she came from Skewen had a bit of a reputation for that sort of thing. I am sure that is grossly unfair on Bonnie and the other fine ladies of the district.

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