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Sunday 29 March 2009

Tribute to Hertfordshire

Apologies for the appalling contrived links today - it reflects either an excess or absence of inspiration, depending on your point of view.

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of watching the Harpenden Light Operatic Society's production of "Oliver!", starring my friend Jonathan as Fagin. Those of you who weren't there - which I am guessing is most of you - missed a treat. Here as a sort of tribute is a track by an Italian outfit called Oliver Onions who were active in the 1970s and whose day job was apparently writing the soundtracks for Terence Hill and Bud Spencer films. This is called "Same Situation".

Less than twenty miles from Harpenden is the scenic town of Watford, home of the "Watford Gap" service station. Here is Roy Harper singing about it.

That was from Roy's 1977 album "Bullinamingvase". From the same album, here is a clip of him performing "One Of These Days In England".

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