Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Brit Psych Soul Mania!!

I noticed I hadn't posted any psychedelia recently. Then I noticed I hadn't posted any soul recently either. Rather than fight myself over it I decided to combine the two, so here is a small selection from the days when every second singer in the UK was trying to be Steve Winwood.

We start with Andwella from Northern Ireland. They released their first album as Andwella's Dream in 1969 before shortening it to Andwella for two further albums. This track is from their final album, "People's People" (1971). The vocalist David Lewis went on to write "Happy to be on an Island in the Sun" for Demis Roussos. Never mind.

Also from 1971 is the self-titled solo album from Reg King, formerly the lead singer with the fantastic mod band The Action, who we have featured here before. The album is not quite up to the standards of "Rolled Gold" but it is still pretty good.

Finally we bring you Velvet Opera - formerly Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera but Elmer (real name the slightly less exotic Dave Terry) had left by the time this track came out in 1969.

"She Taught Me To Love" - Andwella

"You Go Have Yourself A Good Time" - Reg King

"Raise The Light" - Velvet Opera

If you thought David Lewis should hang his head in shame for his Roussos connection, others should hang theirs lower still. Like Velvet Opera stalwarts Richard Hudson and John Ford who went on to be responsible for the execrable "Part of the Union" by Strawbs, then somehow managed to lower their standards even further with this:

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