Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Lady Pop

Today we have some great lady pop from Evie Sands. In her early years Evie was the female equivalent of country singer Johnny Darrell, who I featured a few months back, in that everything she touched turned to gold for someone else. In conjunction with Chip Taylor she recorded the original versions of "Take Me For A Little While", "I Can't Let Go" and "Angel Of The Morning", only to watch them be hits for Jackie Ross, The Hollies and Merrilee Rush (and P.P. Arnold in the U.K) respectively.

She finally got some chart action in 1969 with her version of Chip's "Any Way That You Want Me" (which ironically was a cover, the Troggs having done the original). The single was followed by an album with the same title which is wall to wall wonderful. Here are a couple of examples:

"One Fine Summer Morning" - Evie Sands

"I'll Hold Out My Hand" - Evie Sands

No less an authority than Johnny Cash considered her a "pretty little girl full of talent" with silver bells in her voice and "electricity in her fingers the way she plays that guitar left handed and upside down". And if you don't believe me, here he is:

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  1. Evie is so awesome! You gotta hear her 1999 WOMEN IN PRISON album!