Thursday, 10 December 2009

Two Bad D.J.

Clint Eastwood's on-screen persona is of a man who is alienated, brooding and who never uses five words when one will do. Team him up with General Saint, however, and it is almost as if he is a different person.

Oh, alright, he is a different person. Here are a couple of jolly tunes from their 1983 album, "Stop That Train".

"Shame And Scandal" - Clint Eastwood & General Saint

"H.A.P.P.Y." - Clint Eastwood & General Saint

The two of them considered themselves to be D.J.s (hence the title of their debut album, "Two Bad D.J."). But when this particular style of reggae was started ten to fifteen years or so before by the likes of U Roy, I Roy, Kilroy and Roy of the Rovers it was called toasting and its exponents were called toasters. Here is an example of toasting:

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  1. That's great and all, but I was really hoping that it was actually Clint Eastwood! Darn!