Monday, 22 February 2010

Huge In Hunstanton

Like a lot of you, I imagine, I have a list of songs that I am trying to track down. Some of them have been on there for years, mostly things that I heard on the radio in my youth, or that I used to have on vinyl before I scaled back my collection (and immediately regretted doing so).

Every now and then I am able to scratch one off the list - rarely have I been as happy as I was a few years ago when I finally tracked down a copy of "Halfway Hotel" by Voyager in a junk shop in Kalk Bay in South Africa - but there is a hard core that remain elusive.

None more so than "Baby I'm A U-Boat" by The Fire Hydrant Men Featuring The Fabulous Fezettes. Released in 1984 on a 12" EP called "Music From The East Zone", featuring assorted Norwich bands, I used to have it on a cassette of random tracks recorded off John Peel shows which went the way of all flesh very quickly (but that's what happened when you used Winfield cassettes - Woolworth's Own Brand).

If by any miracle there is anyone out there who has a copy of "Baby I'm A U-Boat" they could send me I would be eternally in their debt*. But until that happens we will have to make do a couple of songs with FHMFTFF**'s 1985 album "Missed It By That Much!".

* The same goes for "Locked Out" by The Chefs, "In France" by Lord Melody and "Daytime Nighttime" by Joy Unlimited. Greedy I know, but you get nothing if you don't ask

** I doubt they were ever referred to by this acronym but I couldn't summon the enthusiasm to type the name out in full again when I am going to have to do it twice more anyway.

"Mayday In Moscow" - The Fire Hydrant Men Featuring The Fabulous Fezettes

"99 Years In Sing-Sing" - The Fire Hydrant Men Featuring The Fabulous Fezettes

Somewhat to my amazement I have managed to find a video of the gang in action. As they explain, this is "Chopper Squad"


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