Thursday, 11 February 2010

Return Of The Macka

On Tuesday I posted a couple of tracks from Penny Penny's "Macka 50/50" album. Last night I was out with Lord Roper who, being hip and trendy, was extolling the virtues of some musical ensemble called The Maccabees. So it was probably inevitable that today's post would feature probably the best reggae DJ ever to come out of Wolverhampton, Macka B.

Both of today's selections are collaborations, so I suppose you could call them Macka B 50/50s (I know you enjoy a little Tsonga Disco wordplay). The one with Baaba Maal is something a bit special.

"Dread A Who She Love" - Macka B & Kofi (1989)

"Hamady Boiro" - Baaba Maal & Macka B (1992)

Here he is in action a couple of years ago, toasting up a storm in front of a handful of Poles in the notorious reggae hotbed of Wroclaw:

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