Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Les Punks

Tonight we bring you a small selection from "Nos Annees Punk 1977-80" which, as the name suggests, is a compilation of French punk. It was released in 2002 on Capitol Records, and is currently available for €5.99 in the record shop at Brussels-Midi railway station. And possibly elsewhere.

"Betty Jane Rose" - Bijou (1978)

"Plastic Face" - Stinky Toys (1977)

"Be-Bop" - Marie Et Les Garcons (1978)

Like their British counterparts, the French punks were reacting against the music of dinosaurs such as Jean-Michel Jarre and... er... Johnny Hallyday and... er... all those other well-known French acts of the 1970s. In clearing out the dead wood, they succeeded in paving the way for more cutting edge artistes. Like Ottowan.


  1. Just note that Jean Michel Jarre could not be a dinosaur at that time as he was at the begining of his career...

  2. A baby dinosaur may be a baby but it is still a dinosaur.

  3. OK about the baby dinosaur, but what's the meaning of the 'dinosaur' methaphor then?!