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Sunday 30 January 2011

The Early Years Part 1

As I think I mentioned at the time, 27 Leggies celebrated its second birthday earlier this month. Back in the early days, before coming to the attention of discerning readers like yourselves, we were lucky to get more than a handful of visitors a week. Which meant that a lot of stuff was posted but heard by hardly anyone. So I thought over the next few posts I would bring back some of the tracks I originally posted in the first few months of the blog to bring them to the bigger audience they deserve.

We start today with the song that gave 27 Leggies its name. We follow it up with some prog and Japanese soft-rock from the 1970s, some Belgian new wave from the early 1980s, and a truly masterly cover version by the late, great Joe Dolan.

"They'm" - Rainbow Ffolly (1968)

"Ship" - Gnidrolog (1972)

"Natsu Nandesu" - Happy End (1971)

"Gorilla Dans De Samba" - Aroma Di Amore (1983)

"Psycho Killer" - Joe Dolan (2005)

Here is some more from Joe, a man still so popular they are having to reinforce his statue in Mullingar because people keep climbing up to be with him. Sing along now. And watch out for some knicker-flinging in the second clip.


  1. Joe's looking a bit Courtneyesque in the trouser department.

  2. If that is true it begs the question of whether the statue is anatomically correct and whether that is the real reason is has been taken away for adjustments.