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Friday 7 January 2011

Landmark Moment

At some point today 27 Leggies welcomed our 30,000th visitor. I was so thrilled a did a little dance, made a little love and got down tonight. That figure puts us level with Steve Forbert and we have already started reeling in Traffic.

"Thirty Thousand Men" - Steve Forbert

"(Roamin' Thru The Gloamin' With) 40,000 Headmen" - Traffic

I thought I should play something by way of a tribute to our milestone visitor, but it proved more confusing than it should. The counter thingy in the bottom right can display details of visitors either by country or city. For some unknown reason when you look at the details by city, the total number of visitors shown is eleven higher than when you look at the details by country.
So depending on which total you believe, our 30,000th visitor either came from Hanoi in Vietnam or Port Elizabeth in South Africa. I have plumped for Port Elizabeth because... well, because to the best of my knowledge I haven't got any music from Vietnam in my collection. The shame!

The cool jazz dude Stompie Mavi, who sadly passed away just over two years ago, has been featured here several times before. Port Elizabeth was Stompie's old stomping ground, so here are a couple from him.

"Tyamzashe" - Stompie Mavi

"Stharara" - Stompie Mavi

For our other visitor, by way of consolation - if that is the right word - here are Hanoi Rocks.

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