Sunday, 9 January 2011

Mellow Magyar Magic

Something suitably mellow for a wintry Sunday evening. I bought "Gingallo" by Agi Szaloki at the Christmas market in Budapest's Vorosmarty Square a few weeks ago. I heard it playing at a little wooden stall selling Hungarian folk albums. With the snow, the Christmas lights and the steam coming off the mulled wine it seemed to fit the mood perfectly. And it still sounds pretty good on a dull, cold day in London.

Agi Szaloki (or Szaloki Agi as it says on the album cover - for reasons best known to themselves the Hungarians print surnames first) is a folk and jazz singer whose voice I really like. As well as releasing her own albums she has also issued a joint effort with fellow female Hungarian singers Szilvia Bognar and Agnes Herczku, and has made a couple of guest appearances on albums by Oi Va Voi. "Gingallo" was released in 2009.

"Gingallo" - Agi Szaloki

"A Szeretom Pakular" - Agi Szaloki

Here is Agi in action a few months ago.

If Mister F could calm down and try to focus after that, this next clip has been added at his particular request.

Off you go, son...

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