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Friday 14 January 2011

Multiple Marabastads

A couple of months ago the excellent Soul Safari blog featured some old Township Jive singles from South Africa. Among them was a cracking little tune from 1969 called "Marabastad No. 2" by one Kid Zondi.

Jump forward to 2006 and our old friend Joe Shirimani, one of the premier movers and shakers on the Tsonga Disco scene, releases his excellent album "Tambilu Yanga". It features a different but equally cracking little tune also called "Marabastad 2".

Here they both are. Compare and contrast.

"Marabastad No. 2" - Kid Zondi

"Marabastad 2" - Joe Shirimani

For a bonus, here is Joe's first attempt at mastering that Marabastad beat.

"Marabastad" - Joe Shirimani

Meanwhile, elsewhere in South Africa...

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