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Monday 30 April 2012

Troops Out

If our readers in the UK have been following the news recently, they may have heard the story that the Government may move troops and anti-aircraft guns into a block of flats in Bow during the Olympics to thwart potential airborne terrorist attacks on the nearby Olympic stadium.

It just so happens that my old friend Mister F lives in that very block of flats. Being as he is both a wuss and a traitor - and I mean that kindly - he is getting his knickers in a twist about it all.  For no good reason. As I have pointed out to him, unless one of the squaddies accidentally blows the place up while trying to impress the glamour model who lives across the way from Mister F, being where the anti-aircraft missiles are launched from is probably the safest place to be after they start blasting them all over East London. It is the rest of us who ought to be worried.

Anyway, here are some songs for him:

"I Live On A Battlefield" - Nick Lowe

"Long Range Guns" - Boca Chica

"Baby Missiles" - The War On Drugs

"You Don't Have To Be In The Army (To Fight In The War)" - Mungo Jerry

"President Mash Up The Resident" - Shorty The President

"Backyard Movements/ Fussing And Fighting" -  Jacob Miller & Killer Brown

It is at times like this that Mister F and the rest of us should invoke both the Blitz spirit and the healthy attitude of Wernher Von Braun: "Once the rockets are up, who cares where they come down".

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