Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Greek Gifts

I spent a few days in Athens last week for work - nothing to do with the big stuff - and managed to find time to pop into one of my favourite record shops anywhere. The Solonos is in a basement in a hard to find alleyway just up from the street of the same name, and it has an excellent selection of new and second hand records and CDs, with a particular speciality being obscure psychedelia.

That's not what you are getting though. Among the CDs I picked up was a compilation of famous local songstress Dimitra Galani, which included 50 tracks recorded between 1969 and 1989. Here are a couple of those I enjoyed most on first listen.

"Koutsi Kithara" - Dimitra Galani

"M'agapouses Thimamai" - Dimitra Galani

Posting Greek music provides an appropriate opportunity to pay belated tribute to the late Demis Roussos. Him and Barry White made it possible in the mid 1970s for us larger men to be considered sex gods. Sadly I was a few years too young to take advantage - right waist, wrong time.

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