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Sunday 8 February 2015

Mister Men

We start tonight with some music from the streets. I mean that literally - while wandering down the Mile End Road on Friday night after a pleasant evening in the Wentworth Arms, I spotted a CD lying on the pavement and snaffled it.

It turned out to be a copy of  "Mister Sanders presents Nostalgic". It was released in December last year and, according to the blurb posted on the Mixtape Madness website, on it "Mister Sanders plays tribute to his musical roots by showcasing his flows and thoughts over some of grime's classic instrumentals".

It is not really my sort of thing at all, but you might like it. So here is "Hood Economics", which if nothing else has the virtue of being over quickly. And if that doesn't appeal, maybe the other two Misters will.

"Hood Economics" - Mister Sanders

"Tana Ka Mina" - Mr. Chacklas

"Rise" - Mr. Vegas

And we finish with the man who started the trend for using "Mister" as part of your stage name - the late, great Mr Acker Bilk.


  1. Nothing by Mr. Mister, thank heavens.

  2. Or Mr. Big. But that song Rise is not bad at all. Ditto Mr Chaklas.

  3. Ever one for the under dog, I feel bound to register a vote for Mr Sanders. Nothing wrong with a bit of grime which, to be fair, you might expect on any CD picked up from the pavement.