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Thursday 5 February 2015

Tanks For The Memories

When I was in Nicaragua last year I acquired copies of "Nicaraguan Pop Hits of the 1960s Volumes 5 and 6". "Volumes 5 and 6" should have been sufficient warning that the main sound I would hear would be that of barrels being scraped, but at 40p each I thought it was worth a go. It wasn't.

However, they did feature some exotically named bands. My favourite was Los Panzers, who it appears were very popular in their day. So much so that there is now what I assume is a next generation band called Los Nuevos Panzers doing the rounds. Here is one from each of them.

"Recordando Tu Mirar" - Los Panzers

"Bailalo Ya" - Los Nuevos Panzers

I think I prefer the new version to the originals. It was the other way round with the Seekers.

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