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Tuesday 3 February 2015

Hello Dutchland!

Just a quick one today. Three top tunes from a great compilation called "Dutch Beat Explosion" which, as you can probably guess, features Dutch beat groups of the 1960s. Gekke liedjes, kinderen!

"Come" - The Toreros

"Just Fancy" - The Roddys

"Seeing Her" - James Mean

This post is dedicated to my groovy Dutch friend Charlotte. She works in a restaurant. She keeps pet rats. She can't mix work with pleasure for obvious reasons.


  1. Pass the Dutchie from the left hand side ..... I'll get my coat

  2. Let ME get your coat! This Dutch 60s psydhedelic-pop is not bad.

  3. .....and Seeing Her is actually pretty good, with an almost Marriott-like vocal in places.