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Sunday 24 May 2015

Pork Sausages

We will skip quickly past the cavalcade of drivel that was yesterday's Eurovision Song Contest, pausing only to note that in getting five points the UK entry achieved five more than it deserved, and instead reflect on a much happier recent musical memory.

On Friday night I took my favourite auntie to the Albert Hall to see Al Stewart in concert. She claims to have first seen him live over 40 years ago, although as she only looks about 40 I am not sure I believe her. Al will be 70 this year, and he is wearing very well himself. It was an excellent show.

We were treated to two complete albums: "Past, Present and Future" and "Year of the Cat". Here is a track from each, plus one of my favourites from earlier in his career as a bonus. The encores ended with the great "Time Passages". I hope my insistence on singing "Pork Sausages" during the chorus did not spoil the fun for those around me.

"Old Admirals" - Al Stewart

"Sand In Your Shoes" - Al Stewart

"Old Compton Street Blues" - Al Stewart