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Tuesday 5 May 2015

Weasel Words

My new found enthusiasm for the modern pop music of Uganda continues apace. With thanks again to the indispensable Lina for acting as my guide, here are Radio & Weasel (not, I suspect, the names their parents gave them).

"Dembessa" - Radio & Weasel

"Number 1" - Radio & Weasel

As good as the lads are, for a novice like me, the current king of Entrancing Entebbe Beat (as I will persist in calling it until it catches on) is Eddy Kenzo. Two of his big hits are on heavy rotation round here. The first is "Come Over", which we featured a couple of weeks back. This is the other one.

Viewers of a sensitive disposition should be warned that about halfway through the video we are subjected to some rather alarming breast and bottom shaking - you may prefer to close your eyes and just enjoy the tune at that point. Now I am no prude, and I am willing to accept that sort of thing if it is artistically valid, but I am not convinced it is in this case. The lyrics of the song suggest it tells the story of Eddy's commanding wife who wants to destroy his life. It is not entirely clear if the young lady in question is playing the role of Mrs Kenzo, but if she is it is surely implausible to imply, as the video does, that she intends to destroy his life through excessive wobbling of her womanly parts.

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