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Saturday 16 May 2015

Randoms Rules

I was in Riga earlier in the week for work and found time to pop into Randoms record store in the heart of the Old Town. With the assistance of a very helpful Goth I came away with a small pile of CDs, including one by a band that he described as the "Latvian Depeche Mode", Heaven forbid.

This is not them. When I asked the assistant if he could recommend any cheerful local tunes he uttered the immortal reply "No, we are not sunny people". After further consideration, he recommended "Tilti", the new album by Oranžās Brīvdienas (Orange Holidays to you and me). It's a sort of Baltic metal ska and I rather like it. Se what you think.

"Sesas Pedas" - Oranžās Brīvdienas

"Aizliegtie Asoli" - Oranžās Brīvdienas

Just round the corner from Randoms is the Rockabilly House diner, where I would recommend you stop at least for a drink to enjoy the decor.

For those of you wishing to dine, the Rockabilly House features dishes which have been assigned names that Latvians evidently feel are redolent of rock 'n roll on an apparently random basis. My goulash was called "Rock It", and the burger selection included "Big Bertha" and "Kentucky Rain". Speaking of which...


  1. In session tonight, The Helpful Goths, with their new single, 'We Are Not Sunny People'.

  2. Never mind that ska-light, Ernie, we, well me, want Latvian Depeche Mode! I'm going to do a search

  3. I believe the song is named "Aizliegtie Aboli" not " Asoli". And yes - what was the name of Latvian "Depeche mode"???