Saturday, 9 May 2015

Two For The Price Of One

I have been out and about quite a bit of late, with the result that I have got a little behind in my orders (to quote from the old butcher - baby - bacon slicer joke). This is likely to continue for a while yet. I am off again on Monday to spend a few days in Latvia - a first time for me - and before I go I thought I would try to squeeze two posts into one. Watch out for some Latvian death metal on my return.

To help squeeze a quart of quality into a pint pot of post, I will cut back on the verbiage and get quickly to the tunes. So first up we have some all-female Swedish pop courtesy of Those Dancing Days. Both tracks are from their 2008 album "In Our Space Hero Suits". They are followed by a similar number of tracks from "The Girl I Adore", the 1983 album by Winston Hussey. Mr Hussey was clearly hoping there was a market for Gregory Isaacs impersonators back then, and if the real thing isn't available he is a pretty good stand-in.

"Those Dancing Days" - Those Dancing Days

"Run Run" - Those Dancing Days

"Every Man Should Be Friends" - Winston Hussey

"Rosey Come Back" - Winston Hussey

"Run Run" was something I could be heard shouting at Ascot yesterday, where we had a most enjoyable day out from work. I was hoping to be able to play a clip of the Intruders' "She's A Winner" in tribute to one or more of the fillies I backed. Unfortunately most of them bore more resemblance to the hero of this story, but without the happy ending.

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