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Thursday 5 November 2015

Canterbury Tales

Finding myself at a loose end yesterday morning I decided on a whim to pop down to Canterbury for the night. Very nice it was too. I can recommend wandering round the cathedral cloisters after dark if you like a bit of the old atmospherics.

When I got home this afternoon I decided to dip into my collection of artefacts from the "Canterbury Scene" for today's post. It is not a big collection as, for me, much of the stuff created by the Scene falls firmly into the "tedious twaddle" camp. There are some honourable exceptions though.

"Place Of My Own" - Caravan

"Electrick Gypsies" - Steve Hillage

"The Lady Rachel" - Kevin Ayers

"O Caroline" - Matching Mole

I spent the night in an excellent Shepherd Neame pub called The Miller's Arms. And we all know what happened when the miller told his tale.

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