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Sunday 29 November 2015

Gozando With Chico Time

Last time out I recounted how I had found myself at a very good gig due to mistaken identity. It was at an even better gig earlier in the year that I acquired a pretty decent CD by the same process.

After watching the legend of Latin soul that is Joe Bataan I went over to the concession stand where Mr Bataan himself was in charge of proceedings. I asked him which CD he would recommend, he thrust one at me, I handed over my money and moved on to make way for the rest of the queue.

When we got to the pub round the corner I had a look at it. Turned out it wasn't one of his albums at all, but a compilation called "Gozando With Chico Volume 1" to which he had contributed a couple of tracks. These aren't them. The album as a whole is pretty mellow, but that is no bad thing on a Sunday afternoon.

"Going To Call You" - Mestizo LA

"City Lady" - Recession

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