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Wednesday 25 November 2015

The Wrong Turks

On Sunday, Mister F and I went up to Dalston to watch the Turkish psychedelic band BaBa ZuLa. When I saw the gig advertised a few weeks ago I dimly recalled that I had bought an album of theirs while visiting Trabzon in Turkey a few years back. I couldn't remember much about the record but decided that owning it was sufficient reason to go along and watch.

I am very glad we did. They put on a good show in front of an enthusiastic and largely Turkish crowd. One of the highlights was when this gent in the silly hat was pulled around the dancefloor on a speaker box by a roadie while playing an extended saz solo, at the end of which he attempted to spin the giant chandelier above the sound desk.

So it seemed obvious that my next post would be accompanied by a couple of tracks from the album I had at home. Except when I dug it out it transpired that my memory had been playing tricks on me. The album - "Crazy Love" to give it its name - was not by BaBa ZuLa at all, but by the similarly named Babutsa. So for everyone who likes one band, here's a different one!

"Babutsa" - Babutsa

"Gençlik Böyle Geçer" - Babutsa

Needless to say, when I realised my mistake I put my head in my hands and shouted out "Ay! Ay! Babutsa, Babutsa, Babutsa, Ay! Ay!"

1 comment:

  1. Babutsa remind me of UB40. But I did YouTube BaBa ZuLa :
    This lot lookmlik ethey could be great in concert.