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Sunday 1 November 2015

Single Song Sunday

What better way to see in November than wrapped in the warmth of some loving arms? The song of that name was written by Tom Jans and first recorded by Dobie Gray in 1973. Tom released his own version in 1974, when most of the rest of the world decided to do the same thing.

Dobie's version is probably still my favourite, although Millie Jackson has a good claim on the title as well. Actually, all of these are pretty good. We have doubled up on the Mandatory Reggae Versions this week. Hortense Ellis copies Millie Jackson, even down to the introductory rap, but good old Winston Curtis lopes along nicely.

"Lovin' Arms" - Dobie Gray 

"Loving Arms" - Tom Jans

"Loving Arms" - Millie Jackson

"Loving Arms" - Hortense Ellis

"Loving Arms" - The King

"Loving Arms" - Catherine Howe

"Loving Arms" - Bo Kirkland & Ruth Davis

"Lovin' Arms" - Winston Curtis

It is surprisingly difficult to find videos of people performing "Loving Arms" but I did stumble across this clip of Piet Veerman (of Dutch pop legends The Cats) and his granddaughter. They make a nice job of it.

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  1. I agree that Dobie Gray's version is best, but Millie Jackson runs him damn close. I love all her stuff but my favourite is a live version of "Still" which Lionel Richie would have killed for.