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Wednesday 22 February 2017

Chucky P

Mister F and I were back at The Garage last night, a couple of weeks after the James McMurtry show. No free beer from the support act this time, but that is only a minor quibble when you have the ever excellent Chuck Prophet headlining.

Chuck and The Mission Express played a lot of stuff from their new album "Bobby Fuller Died For Your Sins". I have not had a chance to listen to it yet, but judging by last night's performance it is well up to their recent high standards, and sounds decidedly rocking. Here, by contrast, are a couple of mellower numbers from much earlier in Chuck's career.

"Longshot Lullaby" - Chuck Prophet (from "Feast of Hearts", 1995)

"110ยบ In The Shade" - Chuck Prophet (from "Balinese Dancer", 1992)

And, of course, they did this one, as they always do. Fortunately.


  1. I've seen him a couple of times including once when he nearly electrocuted himself

  2. That photo makes Chuck look like John Lithgow

    1. I can only work with the material that is available

  3. Wow this is a memory buster. Saw him years ago with Green On Red and then solo both of which were at Sheffield Leadmill. Watching the Longshot Lullaby vid is surely a lesson in how to chill.....Thanks for posting