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Sunday 12 February 2017

Single Song Sunday

It has been a while since we've done a Single Song Sunday, and I thought we should put that right. I also thought we should spread a bit of soppiness to soften you lot up in time for Valentine's Day.

So we have gone for "Let It Be Me", or "Je t'appartiens" as it was called when Gilbert Becaud wrote and recorded in back in 1955. The first English version was recorded in 1957, but it took the Everly Brothers in 1960 to popularise the song in the US and the rest of the English speaking world. Four years later, Jerry Butler and Betty Everett had an even bigger hit with it, at least in the US.

Since then the world and his wife have had a go. Versions that did not make the cut include Elvis, Willie Nelson and Nina Simone, among many many others. But we do have Bob Dylan, from his experimental "let's try to sing properly" period. We also have the marginally less well known Doreen Shaffer, helping out on the Mandatory Reggae Version. And we have possibly the finest Czech version you will ever hear.

"Je t'appartiens" - Gilbert Becaud

"Let It Be Me" - The Everly Brothers

"Let It Be Me" - Betty Everett & Jerry Butler

"Let It Be Me" - Bob Dylan

"Let It Be Me" - Percy Sledge

"Let It Be Me" - Rosie Thomas & Ed Harcourt

"Let It Be Me" - Johnny Clarke & Doreen Shaffer

"Kéž Jsem To Já" - Karel Gott & Jitka Zelenkova

For such a frequently recorded song, there are remarkably few live performances on YouTube. But I did come across this little treat.


  1. I always assumed this to be an Everly Brothers composition.
    I was wrong there

  2. Are there other Czech versions you're holding back?

    1. There are hundreds of them, George. I listened to them all so that you don't have to...