Friday, 10 February 2017

The Mighty McMurtry

On Wednesday, Mister F and I greatly enjoyed seeing the mighty James McMurtry, who is in the UK for the first time in quite a few years. I think the last time he was over may have been the tour that got captured on his "Live in Europe" album - listen carefully, and you can hear the two of us screaming girlishly in excitement on some of the tracks.

Mr McMurtry is at his best when singing his first person short stories about everyday life and losers in the middle of America. Here are three of my favourites. He played the first two the other night, but not "We Can't Make It Here" - maybe he feels the narrator of that particular song sounds a little too Trumpian these days.

"Choctaw Bingo" - James McMurtry

"Just Us Kids" - James McMurtry

"We Can't Make It Here" - James McMurtry

While we are here, I should pay due tribute to the support band, Alice Drinks The Kool Aid. Musically they were perfectly fine, if not really my cup of tea. I mention them because the singer runs the Lagunitas Brewing Company in Chicago, and he brought along a consignment of beer for us to sample. Very nice it was too - it certainly showed the local hipster effort to be the pale ale imitation that it is - but best of all it was free. So for that reason, I am voting them the best support band ever!

Get well soon, Chas.


  1. Sounds like a splendid evening lads
    Free beer AND JAmes McMurtry!

  2. Yes drinking on Tony's tab, listening to groove-oriented Indie-Blues-Rock. Cheers Tony!