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Friday 8 December 2017

Baby Scott

This post is especially for my pal Mister F, who is a big Scott Walker fan - so much so that he even claims to like all that 'clink clank bang' stuff Mr Walker produces these days.

Back before he was the serious artist he is these days, even before he was rebranded Scott Walker, young Scotty Engel of Hamilton, Ohio released a few singles under his own name. Most of the ones I've heard were forgettable examples of the sort of sugary pop that was being churned out in the late 1950s. These are two of the better ones.

"Too Young To Know" - Scott Engel

"Take This Love" - Scott Engel

They aren't anything special, to be honest, but I'd still rather listen to them than this:

1 comment:

  1. My partner left the room after 43 seconds of the video, with the parting shot of "what the hell's this".I'm struggling with it. 3 minutes.