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Sunday 3 December 2017

Single Song Sunday

It has been about six months since our last Single Song Sunday. That was 'Then You Can Tell Him (or Her) Goodbye", and one of the star turns was the version by Barbara Lynn. Well, Babs is back, this time with her signature tune.

"You'll Lose A Good Thing" was written by Barbara herself, and she took it into the US top ten and to number one in the R 'n B chart in 1962. Over the next decade or so it was covered by almost every female soul singer you can think of, from Aretha on down. I have limited myself to just two of them, plus Little Royal as the token soul man.

The only other chart version that I'm aware of is Freddy Fender's, which topped the US country chart in 1976. Compare and contrast it with the more sombre interpretation by Germany's one-man super-group,  Dad Horse Experience, whose distinctive vocals suit the song surprisingly well. It's off his brand new album "I Am A Stranger Here Below", which I can heartily recommend.

And, finally, we have not one but two Mandatory Reggae Versions (and there are plenty more where they came from).

 "You'll Lose A Good Thing" - Barbara Lynn

 "You'll Lose A Good Thing" - Jean Knight

 "You'll Lose A Good Thing" - Denise Lasalle

 "You'll Lose A Good Thing" - Little Royal

 "You'll Lose A Good Thing" - Freddy Fender

 "You'll Lose A Good Thing" - Dad Horse Experience

 "Don't Try To Lose Me" - Linval Thompson 

 "If You Should Lose Me (You'll Lose A Good Thing)" - Yellowman