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Saturday 2 December 2017

Winter Blizzards

We welcome December in the old traditional way, with some Dutch blues-rock from the late 1960s. It comes courtesy of Cuby + Blizzards. Cuby's real name was Harry Muskee, but Harry + Blizzards doesn't have quite the same ring to it I suppose.

On "Appleknockers Flophouse" Harry's vocals remind me very much of Tim Rose, who was also known for his apple-related tunes. I've added one for the purpose of comparison.

"Appleknockers Flophouse" - Cuby + Blizzards

"Checkin' Up On My Baby" - Cuby + Blizzards

"Apple Truck Swamper" - Tim Rose

 While we are on the subject of apples...


  1. Cuby's first track is not bad at all. And the Osmonds's track is the 2nd best of your 4.