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Sunday 4 February 2018

Big On The Bosphorus

Some top quality Turkish pop from the 1970s for you today, courtesy of Kamuran Akkor (and some bloke going "Chiggily bom bom bom").

Who is Kamuran Akkor, you ask? Well, according to Google Translate's rendition of her Turkish Wikipedia page: "The classical  Turkish music commentator is Gonul Akkor's sister. He was born in Istanbul in 1947. Beginning in 1968, Sezen had a reputation around the country with his 45-year-old record, An Old Lie of Love, Kime Niver Kime Kismet, Kill You Waiting and Reyhan songs. In the following years, he started pop music classical Turkish music interpretation". I hope that helps clear things up.
"Dilo Dilo Yaylalar" - Kamuran Akkor

"Şimdi Şimdi" - Kamuran Akkor

To round things off today, here is Little Eva with her tribute to the traditional music of the region.


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