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Wednesday 14 February 2018

Frontline Politics

I was thinking of doing a Valentine's Day Special today. I changed my mind when I remembered that my readers are all debonair, delightful and deeply desirable, and will therefore have much better things to be doing tonight than reading this old blog. So I decided just to do what I like.

Both of today's selections are taken from "Frontline presents Reggae Discomixes", a double CD compilation of 12" singles from the long lost Frontline label. For those of you younger than ancient, Frontline was a short-lived subsidiary of Virgin Records which was around for only a couple of years in the late 1970s but put out a lot of great stuff in that time.

These are two of the many highlights, with the first track from Poet & The Roots (a.k.a. Linton Kwesi Johnson, Dennis Bovell and chums) shining even more brightly than the others.

"Five Nights Of Bleeding/ Defence Dub" - Poet & The Roots

"Isaiah - First Prophet Of Old" - Big Youth


  1. Thanks a mil for both Ernie, great stuff.

  2. My pleasure. Coming from a man of renowned taste like yourself, that is a great compliment