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Thursday 8 February 2018

Radie & Anne

One of my favourite recent albums is 'Between The Earth And Sky' by Dublin folkies Lankum. It's consistently good all the way through, but even so the tracks where Radie Peat takes the lead stand out. There is a sort of gnarly tone to her voice that reminds me for some reason of the great Anne Briggs, even though they don't really sound similar at all.

"What Will We Do When We Have No Money?" - Lankum

"Summer's In" - Anne Briggs

I had been tempted to pair Radie Peat with Dock Boggs purely so I could combine them in the title of this post, but a recent veiled criticism of my punning ability from one of our Scottish readers put me off the idea. However, old Dock does actually fit in quite well with the two women, so here he is in a supporting role.

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  1. T'was a compliment as opposed to a veiled criticism - honest!