Wednesday, 21 November 2018

100 Up

At the beginning of the year I finally got around to getting a flag counter for the blog. At first there were visitors from "new" countries almost every day, and the counter was clicking along merrily. Things inevitably slowed down and for the last few months we have been becalmed in the 90s, like a cricketer worried about giving their wicket away before they reach their century (a simile I realise will be utterly lost on most of those 90+ countries).

But all that has changed in the last 48 hours. Yesterday we had our first visitor from Togo, which took the total up to 99 countries. Then this morning, some lovely person in Bosnia & Herzegovina popped by to bring up the century.

To celebrate the occasion, here are a couple of tracks each from the homelands of our two newest friends. We have featured a couple of Bosnians before, but I think these are the first Togolese artists here. We top things off with what may be the weirdest ever performance at the Eurovision Song Contest. I love it.

"Bouyélé" - Bella Bellow

"Mala Glupača" - Elvis J. Kurtović & His Meteors

"Madjo" - King Mensah

"Diktators Song" - Zoster

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