Monday, 26 November 2018

A Long Song On Monday

Today's post is a combination of a tribute and a stopgap, although the fact it is the latter should not in any way detract from the sincerity of the former.

I've just got back from Genoa, a fine, lively city that is worth a few days of anyone's time. Later in the week I'm off on a work trip and I don't have a lot of spare time before then, so I thought I would do a quick post tonight in case I don't get another chance for a week or so.

The more discerning among you may already be familiar with Drew's excellent "Monday's Long Song" series, one which I notice has now attracted a number of other equally high quality contributors. As it happens, the only CD I bought in Genoa - an Italian 1970s prog rock compilation going for €1 in a junk shop - includes a track that fits the brief perfectly, clocking in at 18 and a half minutes.

So here it is. I haven't listened to it yet, and very possibly never will. Apologies if it is awful.

I have called this post "A Long Song On Monday" rather than "Monday's Long Song" in recognition of the fact that this is a cheap market stall knock-off of a post, and should not be confused with Drew and the others' finely crafted originals.

"Il Giardino Del Mago" - Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso


  1. This song is completely preposterous. Is the rest of the album as good?

  2. ...we have a short drive to do this morning, ca. 25 mins If I play this my partner will open her door and throw herself out of the car.....

  3. Well, at least one of your readers has listened to this in its glorious 18 min 30 sec entirety. (the cat in the same room as me left after 10 minutes)

  4. Glad to know there is one satisfied customer. Profuse apologies to partner and cat.

    This is the album in question. As you'll see there are only two other tracks on it, which are a measly 11 and 8 minutes respectively. I haven't listened to any of them yet.

  5. Much as when stopped by a charity mugger in town, I smile gesturing a (take your pick) meeting to attend/car on a meter/family member on life support otherwise I'd be happy to spend 18m 30 secs in conversation with them, your Italian track had the same effect. Tull's Life's A Long Song on the other hand I could listen to all day. Wonderful. Thanks.