Friday, 30 November 2018

Visiting Time

Today being St. Andrew's Day, this one is for our Scottish readers.

Over the course of his career the late Bard of Dundee, Michael Marra, recorded a number of songs about famous visitors to Scotland. Here's a small selection. I'm not convinced all these tales are 100% factually accurate, but who am I to question the Great Man.

"Frida Kahlo's Visit to the Tay Bridge Bar" - Michael Marra

"King Kong's Visit to Glasgow" - Michael Marra

"General Grant's Visit to Dundee" - Michael Marra

"Mac Rebennack's Visit to Blairgowrie" - Michael Marra

If you thought you were going to get a Dr John video after that last track, you were wrong. You'll need to listen to the King Kong song to know why I've gone for this instead.


  1. Marra's songs are wonderful. I absolutely love his song "Hermless" - "Hermless, hermless
    There's never nae bother frae me
    I jist hang aboot and inherit the earth
    Then I come doon for ma tea"

  2. I was expecting something from William McGonagall, Dundee's most famous poet. Although he was not a Dundonian.

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  4. Not native born, true, but I think a stalwart son of the city of jute and jam. And his poem about the Tay Bridge Disaster was possibly his finest work:

    "Oh! Ill-fated bridge of the silv'ry Tay,
    I now must conclude my lay
    By telling the world fearlessly without the least dismay,
    That your central girders would not have given way,
    At least many sensible men do say,
    Had they been supported on each side with buttresses
    At least many sensible men confesses,
    For the stronger we our houses do build,
    The less chance we have of being killed."

  5. Alway good to hear Mr Marra
    As Lynchie says Hermless is brilliant