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Wednesday 7 November 2018

Krest Fallen

I had been looking forward to seeing Tamikrest in concert in London next week, and then I learned yesterday that they have had to cancel because the Home Office won't give them work visas. This is the third time this has happened to concerts I had tickets for in recent years, and on each occasion it was African performers who were affected - not a coincidence, I fear.

As a slight consolation for me, and a treat for the rest of you, here are a couple of tracks from the mighty Tuareg masters.

"Tamiditin" - Tamikrest

"Imanin Bas Zihoun" - Tamikrest


  1. "Friendship to all nations" - what a joke, 'cept it's not funny.

  2. Not a good state of affairs at all Ernie

  3. Two absolutely brilliant tracks today, Ernie.