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Wednesday 23 October 2019

Big In Baalbek

I am still slowly working my way through the pile of sleeveless Arab pop CDs I bought in a charity shop a few months back for 50p a go. Today it was the turn of Assi al Helani and his 2004 album "Zghiri El Dinney". He's from Baalbek in Lebanon - hence the title and the video.

"Tarani" - Assi al Helani

"Senin" - Assi al Helani


  1. Ernie, looks like you've got the same fangroup from Indonesia that CCM has

  2. CC, George - apologies but in my enthusiasm to delete all the Viagra comments from the Indonesians (roughly 750 of them) I inadvertently deleted a couple of your comments as well.

    George - glad you like Tarani

    CC - did one of your Indonesians go by the name Kim Kardashian? I'm not convinced its the real one