Thursday, 10 October 2019

Hoovering Up The Henrys

The UK is currently being ripped to shreds by a bunch of halfwit Hooray Henrys, but we must be careful not to damn all Henrys by association (not even Henry Marshall if we believe Kobo Town). So this one is for all you folks out there called Henry, Henri, Henrik, Enrique, Henrietta or any other variation on the name. Say it loud, you're Henry and proud!

"Roll With Me Henry" - Etta James

"I've Got A Notion" - Henry Lumpkin

"The Trial Of Henry Marshall" - Kobo Town

"With A Girl Like You" - Henry Buckley

"Enrique VIII" - Los Yaki

Henry Lumpkin released a few singles on Motown in their early days, of which this is one. Surely Berry Gordy or someone should have taken him aside and suggested that a name change might improve his chance of a long career? As it is, he sounds like he's more in need of a lotion than a notion.

And now, a little something from Henry Mancini...


  1. There is also Papa Won't leave You, Henry from Henry's Dream by Nick Cave

  2. I am relieved that you have omitted that idiotic I'm Henry the 8th I Am song. Relieved!

    1. You obviously haven't listened to Los Yaki yet

  3. There's the song from The Basement Tapes - Don't you tell Henry. ANd there's the song John Henry, by for example Johnny Cash.

  4. There are, indeed, many potential Henrys that I could have chosen. Just be relieved that I drew the line at Henry Cow.