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Tuesday 29 October 2019

Jennah And Her Sisters

Whether it is the sea or the zeitgeist, all surfers know that to catch the wave you have to start paddling before it arrives. If you wait until it's right on top of you, you've missed it.

So it is in that spirit that I'm alerting you to an album that you won't be able to get until next March. It's called "Holiday", it's by Jennah Barry and it is very good indeed. You can get the advance single, "The Real Moon" on Bandcamp, where you can also find her previous album "Young Men", which includes today's selection.

Jennah is from the South Shore of Nova Scotia, and to my ears fits into that line of Canadian female singer-songwriters who manage to sound both sweet and slightly off-kilter at the same time. Like this lot.

"The Coast" - Jennah Barry

"Anew Day" - Mary Margaret O'Hara

"Complainte Pour Ste Catherine" - Kate & Anna McGarrigle

"I Love You, Go Easy" - Devon Sproule

"Tell me Ernie, are there any other notable musicians from the South Shore of Nova Scotia?", I hear you asking. Well, there's old Hank Snow for a start. He's sounding pretty sweet himself, although the only thing slightly off-kilter here is the toupee.


  1. If only Hank was sporting a corduroy shirt underneath that fantastic suit.........