Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Phnom Penh Pop

I think I have mentioned before that I have a historical subscription deal with eMusic which entitles me to 40 tracks a month for about 20p a pop. I treat it as an oppotunity to experiment with music I might never try otherwise - at that price it doesn't really matter if there are as many misses as hits. 

Anyway, this month I have gone big on Cambodian pop from the 1960s. Here are a couple of crackers from perky Pen Ran.

"ប្តីខ្ញុំគាត់ចាស់" - Pen Ran

"ទន្សាយរាំ Jerk" - Pen Ran

If Google Translate's mastery of Khmer can be relied on - which I guess is a big If - the title of the first translates as "My Husband Is Old" and the second as "Jerk Dancing Rabbit". 

Jerk Dancing Rabbit, meet Disco Duck.


  1. The best songs you've posted for a while!
    I've just spent (wasted?) some time looking for translations of the song titles.

    1. Are you including 'Disco Duck' in that back-handed compliment?

    2. No. It's rubbish. But I do like the Cambodian pop.