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Friday 16 April 2021

Curly Cale

A couple of weeks ago our friends over at 40 Year Itch did a round up of albums released in March 1981. One of the albums featured was John Cale's "Honi Soit", which prompted me to dig my copy out for the first time in ages. 

I had forgotten what I good album it is. I think you have to be in a gnarly mood to enjoy it - "Honi Soit" is not awash with the relatively mellow easy listening of "Paris 1919", for example - but if are you its a cracker.

"Strange Times In Casablanca" - John Cale

"Riverbank" - John Cale

The opening track of "Honi Soit" is "Dead or Alive". I understand it was written as a tribute to Pete Burns, who was still an underground goth sensation in 1981. He changed a lot in the next five years.


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