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Monday 26 April 2021

Kids of Today

You desert blues fans out there may remember me raving about the self-titled debut album by Timasniwen a few years ago. They disappeared from the scene for a while but are now back with a fantastic brand new single, "Tihoussay Tenere", and a brand new name. 

The brand new name is Dag Tenere, which means Desert's Children. To mark their return here are a few more children. The last track doubles up as our tribute to Les McKeown, who sadly left us last week.

"The Sidewalks of the Ghetto" - Eternity's Children

"Tribal Fence" - Freedom's Children

"Summerlove Sensation" - Shelley's Children


  1. Replies
    1. My pleasure. I'm really looking forward to the new EP.

  2. Freedom's Children, that's a totally preposterous track, and of course a keeper!

    1. One of the leading lights of the not overly large South African psychedelia scene of the late 1960s